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Seductive Affair

Seductive Affair Coming Soon —Written By: Rishabh Puri— Seductive Affair is now on queue it will be in market very soon for our lovely readers . Seductive Affair print file_final cover

Must read Novels in English by Indian Writers

Let us tell you that Indian English novels were developed as a subaltern awareness; as a response to break away from the English literature. Hence the Indian writers in English novels witnessed a revolution against the idiom. Eventually the all the India Indian English writers just started to learn the techniques of mixture language, magic […]

Must read romantic novels Best selling in India

Some of the best selling romantic novels in India are main mush works.  But there is something about love stories that lures us, it is perhaps the lovey-dovey words or the sweet charm or the characters or the plot. In new times, Indian literary scene has seen its own part of some amazing romantic novels. […]

Read Famous novels of Indian authors in English

Indian English script has come a long way – from just a few English titles freeing a year previously to thousands of new titles launching by famous novels of Indian authors in English every year now. Today, with an estimated market value, India ranks third after the US and the UK in English language publishing. […]

What are best sellers book by Indian authors

There’s been a new breed of Indian authors best sellers rising up in India. Amazingly young, tragically unpopular, keen and most important of all – going against the grain of bestsellers you buy at the railway station for 100 bucks. Tackling everything from complex conflict in the Indian authors best sellers to the last breaths […]

Top 10 romantic novels by Indian authors

Top 10 romantic novels by Indian authors: We Indians are born romantics. Blame all those rain melodies or the larger-than-life movies of Shahrukh Khan or maybe the magnificent Taj Mahal. Indian novels have a huge following well; we can acknowledge our own people for it! And though the writers do take sure liberties with the […]

Contribution of Indian writers in English Literature

English is a foreign language but the contribution of Indian writers in English literature can be witnessed in several fields such as education, literary effort and as a medium of communication. A pioneer of English literature is Mr. Rishabh Puri and whose novels are just awesome. An outstanding writer gives is an epic “Inside the […]

Read about Indian English writers Biography

When we think about Indian English writers biography, there are many names in the list to see one and you will have so many names for this. But personal level everyone will choose one as we are doing – Mr. Rishabh Puri is one of the best for Indian English writers biography. His Story: A […]

Read the best Indian novels of 21st century

Here you will find one of the Best Indian Novels of 21st century ever written. It might feel incomplete (only books are written in English or translations of works in Hindi and other regional languages figure here). It might seem unfair (they’re personal picks from the best fictional minds of our period). It might even […]

21st century Indian writers in English Literature

  Indian writers have contributed various extremely valuable pearls in the money box of fantastic anecdotal writing in 21st Century Indian Writers in English Literature. A great deal of them has won various honors for their endeavors too. Here is a Mr. Rishabh Puri’s amazing work of fiction by that unquestionably should be on your […]


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