I dislike traveling but then I met RICK PURI

Inside The Heart of Hope Every day is a miracle. A chance for your fortunes to change, blessings to fall upon you like rain. Every day you might see a new mercy, sing a new song, or feel joy like you’ve never felt before. I am thankful that today, you’ve picked up my novel and [...]

How to proceed with hope even

The Novel ‘Inside the Heart of Hope’ is very finely written and also the respected author Rishab Puri Ji has used very simple words and sentences in this story. In this story the main character is ‘Ricky’ who is a heart patient but having lots of dreams to live a loving normal life. ‘Amy’ was […]


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Sometimes, a small thing we do can mean everything in another person's life, hence I'm hopeful that there is a little corner ``INSIDE`` our ``HEART`` that can create ``HOPE`` for the underprivileged and support a smile.