Read about Indian English writers Biography

Read about Indian English writers Biography

When we think about Indian English writers biography, there are many names in the list to see one and you will have so many names for this. But personal level everyone will choose one as we are doing – Mr. Rishabh Puri is one of the best for Indian English writers biography.

His Story: A Life-Threatening Heart Disease Didn’t stop him from Becoming an Author and Entrepreneur

Indian English writers biography: He learned to cultivate joy from a young age. It was either that or the option to give in to despair and consider my life to be over before it had even started. He was just six months old when he was diagnosed with Hyperlipidemia — a condition that leads to increased levels of any or all lipoproteins in the blood. And then, at the age of 10, the discovery of a leak in the aortic valve of his heart sentenced me to an adolescence of surgeries and visits to the doctors. The outcome often looked grim.

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While other children frolicked in schoolyards, he had to build his own playgrounds and secret worlds in recovery rooms and hospital halls. Doctors and nurses were his peers and playmates. By the time he reached adulthood, he had undergone several major surgeries, more times than most men three times his age. But, in spite of all this, he learned how to greet people each morning with a smile on his face and hope in his heart.

He is grateful for the love and support of his family. And he also wants to spread the message of hope and joy to people who are where he is, dealing with health struggles and wanting to live full lives. he wants to let people know that not only can they find happiness in even the grimmest situations but that they are allowed to take that happiness and let it flourish within them.


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Sometimes, a small thing we do can mean everything in another person's life, hence I'm hopeful that there is a little corner ``INSIDE`` our ``HEART`` that can create ``HOPE`` for the underprivileged and support a smile.