Strong is the Heart that thumps with Hope

``Put your pen to the page and treat the page as though it were your closest friend, your confessor. From there, you’ll find the story you need to tell, and when you dip your pen into that well of inspiration, the story will write itself”

Keep a light heart, there is always hope in it. Rishabh Puri is one such man who lives Inside the Heart of Hope. Literally and otherwise.  He is the author of the book that has gained much favour in many bookstores among avid readers. A man for an elixir of life. A man of multiple talents and even more dreams. He is the man who inspires and conquers life.

The inspiration for Inside the Heart of Hope hit Rishabh when he decided to pen down his trials and tribulation of living a life with a faulty heart. This book though is not of sad tales and woeful wonderings of a young man, instead it regales the tales of living with joy and finding immense happiness in the small things of life and the people around us.

Rishabh believes in immortality. And for him it is living the days making memories and making some one smile. He says, “One of my favorite things to paint is portraits as wedding gifts for friends who end up getting married. I do this because I want to give their wedding immortality, so when they grow old they could look up to that painting and remember me, even if I am not around.”

Rishabh humbled by his parents, especially his father who inculcated in him the academical knowledge no college could, who he says is a university on his own. He says, “Their patience and love sparked the creativity inside me that drives me today and has taken me through my hardest times.”

Rishabhh is now writing his next book titled, Flying Without Wings, which will be published early next year. He says, “It’s a story of love, and hope in the darkest of circumstances. I loved dreaming it up. I hope that readers will fall as much in love with these characters as I have!”


I started writing the book originally because seeing people in the hospital, crying over just the slightest of injury and losing hope in life over minor setbacks. It made me want to bring them some sort of catharsis and healing through my writing.”

In foolishness you’ll gain wisdom, by falling you’ll rise, in rebelling against God, you’ll accept him, by stammering you’ll learn to speak, and by hating you’ll learn to love.”



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Sometimes, a small thing we do can mean everything in another person's life, hence I'm hopeful that there is a little corner ``INSIDE`` our ``HEART`` that can create ``HOPE`` for the underprivileged and support a smile.